Thursday, June 9, 2011


Driving through Colorado was absolutely beautiful...and cold!! Freezing actually. We knew the weather would be freezing, and we knew we wouldn't have clothing quite warm enough to cope with the cold weather that Colorado in March would probably throw at us, but we went anyway. I had my pink beany, so my head was warm anyway! Surely we would come across a snow clothing shop along the way, and we could buy a warm coat and some gloves, so we weren't worried. The car had a warm heater so all was good.

The Colorado River was gorgeous. I could have taken 1000 photo's of it. I just wanted to keep getting out of the car look at it, and photograph it. Robert was getting sick of stopping and posing. I just loved it. Dad would have loved it, he always wanted to come here when he was alive. He wanted to go to Denver & Houston and so many places in this country, & I was going to all of them. But I'm sure he wanted to see this river. It seemed to mesmerize me, it was rough and I just loved it. The scenery was just beautiful.

Robert thought he was being funny trying to do the "Where's Wally" shot of me in the photo below.....can you tell he was sick of taking photo's of the Colorado River & me? PS I am only showing 1/20th of the photo's!! Lucky you!!
Finally, after a few hours of driving through snow, we find a Snow Clothing shop in the beautiful town of Rifle, Colorado. How lucky are we that it had 40% off all snow clothes?? Woohoo!! I was so cold that I could hardly breathe as I ran up the hill from the carpark to the store. All Robert could do was laugh at me....nice husband he is!! Trust him to park three miles from the front door, especially when we are dressed in clothes sooo unsuitable for snow weather!! I had ballet shoes on for goodness sake!!! But, my head was warm!!

Here I am in my brand new very swank white 3/4 length snow coat & gloves. I could not believe how much warmer I was once I was dressed in that coat. I walked out of that shop, picked up a big ball of snow and pegged it at Roberts head for laughing at me not being able to breath when we were running up the hill. That'll show him.....he couldn't throw back with his newly operated shoulder, hehehe.
So now we are warm it was back on the snowy road and heading further up the road towards our next state....
That day was dads anniversary, funny we were driving through a place he would have wanted to visit. We were chatting about him anyway.
Colorado sure was beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Karri, I haven't commented on every post but have enjoyed them all immensely and look forward to more... what a great trip

Sunshine & Fabric said...

Looks like you are having a great time....keep posting those photos. Have fun! Leanne

Mandy said...

You parked 3 miles from the shop? ;)