Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shopping Spree...oooops!!

I was near our local Spotlight today with my daughter Grace and I said we might head in there for a look. She was just as excited as me to go, which made me pretty happy. Nothing like hearing someone being just as happy to go there as me. (She is doing sewing for the HSC next year & is just in the early stages of her "love" of fabric & sewing)

I might add that we were there the other day & the shelves were quite empty & we left bare handed, so we weren't holding much hope to see much.....

Then....we saw the new Denyse Schmidt fabrics that everyone on all the blogs have been raving about and that out Spotlight store hasn't had. When we were there the other day & the fabrics were not, I thought I had missed out on them already. But no....there they were. Grace said, "I'll go grab a trolley...." I taught that girl well!!

The rest, I add, is history.....I am not responsible for the photo below. It's Spotlights fault, they had 30% off the fabrics, so what was I to do but stock up. I mean there are two of us sewing now. Anyone who knows me knows how I am with fabric.

Now, I need a new cupboard...or maybe a builder, to build a new sewing room......

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Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Great fabrics Karri... I might NOT go and have a look for fear of clearing my bank account :)