Saturday, January 14, 2012

Needle Case Swap

Last year Martha & I joined a swap. It was Marthas very first swap. Now I know I am very late posting photos of our swap, for which I deeply apologise. But there is a funny story to go with that.

I take most of my photos on my iphone. (Because I am such a great photographer, I need all the editing help I can get, and the iphone has some great editing apps) 
Anyway, I was out scooping the pool of all the leaves with the phone in the bra part of my swimmers, as you do. The pool was looking good. All leaf free. The wind comes up and blew a leaf onto the water, so I lean over and get it. Plop goes the iphone onto the pool step. Oh jeepers. That cannot be good for the phone.

Who would have thought iphones cannot swim.....

Photo's of needle swaps cannot be retrieved from drowned iphones.....

 So this is what Martha received from her lovely partner. A little pouch to hold it all in!

 A scissor holder, a pin cushion and a needle case. It even has her name on it!

 The scissor holder is embroidered also and it all matches and fits into the pouch to take away on retreats. Very handy and in fabrics that Martha loves.

The sad thing is, that with the unfortunate demise of my iphone, I lost the photos of the gifts that we made for our swap partners...and their details. Its very sad how much information I had on that phone. Lucky for me I had the phone insured and Optus replaced it immediately. So once again I am snapping photos on my new iphone....just not cleaning the pool with it in my swimmers, and its not allowed to go swimming this summer!!

(PS...just have to find the photos of my gorgeous gift now on the computer!!)


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I am so sorry but I did crack up, I can see you out the back and 'plop'...lovely gifts for Cath....

Anonymous said...

Oh NO! Hope that isn't going to be the start of "Karrisms" for 2012 :) Lovely presents received :)